wtf is Balance anyway?

The New Year’s celebration brings up mixed feelings about our lives and lack luster goals. New resolutions can start strong and end in flames by second quarter. It’s easy to forget the point of it all.

Honestly, I cant even remember 2017 Resolutions.

It takes more than New Year’s resolutions to create lasting change, though. Don’t forget why you decided that change is necessary!

The “Why?” that wakes us up outta bed and keeps our heads in the game when coffee’s spilled on your blazer, the school nurse calls about your child’s seal-like cough and the b*tching coming from colleagues about their spouses lack of support, precedes any actual work getting done!

When I feel disconnected from the BIG PICTURE and find myself wallowing in the monotony of everyday life and my need for a connection to that which is greater than me… I stop.

Burn some sage, pour some tea and curl up with my journal.

It’s time for reflection. Why am I sulking? What needs am I ignoring? What happened to my inspiration?

Work-Life Balance? wtf is balance anyway?

Is it internal, external, or both?

Does it mean checking off all my to-do’s, responding to those emails and finally returning those calls, I haven’t been looking forward to…or what?!

No way! Balance is a sense of tranquility, calmness. Not completion.


What are your needs? They must be met. Well-being is an important part of living a purposeful life. Living with purpose and direction guarantees satisfaction and ultimate happiness.

The Life Balance wheel offers a birds eye view of your tank and if your running on empty, you better stop and fuel up or get burnt out!

The life balance wheel has helped me decide what change will make the most impact on my level of happiness and what can wait.

Life Balance is having a sense of well-being in the different areas of your life, and having clarity about what makes our experience of these different areas satisfying.

When are we in Zen mode and how can we re-create it when things fall apart?

Imagine your life is a tasty Pizza Pie! I love pizza. Each slice of pizza represents a different area of your life, for example: your career is a slice, your finances are a slice, etc. Well, in breaking life down this way we can gain a birds eye view of what is working and what isn’t.

Draw a pie chart with eight slices. Label each slice.

pie chart

If these labels don’t work for you try some others: personal development, retirement, emotional health, community, environment, partner/romance

Now, spend some time reflecting on these areas.

Rate your level of satisfaction in each area of the pie chart ranging from 1-4, 1=dull, unsatisfactory and 4=exciting, very satisfied.

On a scale of 1-4 how satisfied are you with the Fun part of your life? How about family and friends? Your physical health? Etc.

Once all areas have been rated, take a step back and just observe what thoughts and emotions come up.

Identify the (3) areas where you are most satisfied. Give yourself some credit. You’re doing great in these areas!

Identify the (3) areas where you are least satisfied. Time for some self-compassion, these areas need attention.

Now answer the following questions for each of these (3) areas:

Area Satisfaction Level What could be different? What do you want to create in this area? What is one step you can take to create this in your life?
Family & Friends        
Physical Health        
Retirement, etc.        

Commit to make a change in the (3) areas your least satisfied with, over the next 3-6 months.

No need to go wild, just set an intention to be more mindful.

If you’re Type A, like me, then create SMART Goals:





T=Time bound

You have the power to create amazing things in your life!

I believe you are creative, and committed to your excellence. So let’s fuel up and live with purpose and direction!

So, comment below if you have had any experience with the life balance wheel and what this exercise has done for you. What changes will you make for your well-being? If not the balance wheel, what tools do you use to address your needs in these different areas?

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