Showing up for each other

RFM.Ex and The Cranky Coach

What does it mean to show up?

How has someone shown up for you?

When did you last show up for someone?

How did it feel to be in their presence, without expectations, assumptions or judgement?

My dear friend from Toronto shown in the picture above was there for me while I tested out my equipment for future footage. Not only that she was there to share in a Mindful Meditation, one I didn’t know, she was in dire need of.

The cosmic part of this story, is that I too needed that moment in meditation and I too was grateful for her presence.

When you show up for someone, you’re not only fulfilling a commitment on being there… remember, that you are letting that individual know that you see them. You see their intentions, their motivations, their efforts, and their challenges.

Sometimes showing up, no most of the time, showing up is all someone needs from you.

And yet, in our Busy-ness, we forget that this is what it’s all about.

Creating space for each other to be. No agendas. No assumptions. No questions. Just Be.

We are, after all, Human Be-ings 🤗

Show up for someone this week. Anyone. And remember that you are bestowing them with the greatest gift… your presence.

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