When thoughts come rushing in

Sometimes, shit happens. We act foolishly, we respond inadequately, we behave impulsively. We are creatures of habit. We've allowed the World to step on our freedom for so long, that we no longer find it safe to stand up for ourselves. These uncomfortable moments, they are begging for our attention to something within us. Not … Continue reading When thoughts come rushing in

Showing up for each other

RFM.Ex and The Cranky Coach What does it mean to show up? How has someone shown up for you? When did you last show up for someone? How did it feel to be in their presence, without expectations, assumptions or judgement? My dear friend from Toronto shown in the picture above was there for me … Continue reading Showing up for each other

3 Steps to Detox & Reduce Stress Immediately

3 Steps to Detox & Reduce Stress Immediately when your soul’s crying out for a cure for the human condition Have you recently had an argument with someone important in your life? Did that conversation have a debilitating effect on you? Do you feel jittery or tingling traveling down your spine and into your arms … Continue reading 3 Steps to Detox & Reduce Stress Immediately

Detox from overthinking

Have you been thinking way too much lately? Do you feel like you need an escape from your mind? Do you want to shout "SHUT UP!" in hopes that the ruminating thoughts will abide?! Then you need My Spontaneous Detox Log, this log is designed to identify the thoughts that are creating an unhealthy cycle. … Continue reading Detox from overthinking

Connecting with the Body

Saturday's session was live! A morning full of laughter and conscious discussion about what it means to Live Mindfully for each one of these warriors! We learned how Animal Rights pushed native Miami-an to become a Die-Hard Vegan and how Cellular Communication assisted another local in overcoming the woes of chemotherapy and strengthening his soldier … Continue reading Connecting with the Body

wtf is Balance anyway?

The "Why?" that wakes us up outta bed and keeps our heads in the game when coffee's spilled on your blazer, the school nurse calls about your child's seal-like cough and the b*tching coming from colleagues about their spouses lack of support, precedes any actual work getting done!

How well do you know yourself?

We spend so much of our precious time educating ourselves about the world around us...but, how well do we know ourselves? Am I what do? Am I what I have? Am I the role I play? You may play the role of son, daughter, mother, father, brother or sister. Perhaps you are the CEO of … Continue reading How well do you know yourself?