Be a little extra

Be Extra!

Be Happy!

Get excited!

Hug a friend!

Kiss your mother!

For God sakes, choose to be extra today!

Someone may need you to bring joy into their lives.

But over all

Be Kind

You have no idea what others may be going through, what battles they may be fighting on the inside. Alone.

So be kind, be gentle and be loving.

I understand that it can be difficult to offer this, if we haven’t been offered such kindness. If you are in need of Loving Kindness, join us at our Saturday Mindful Meditation Free to the Community, every Second Saturday.

Do you need the healing art of Reiki and Sound? Let’s work together!

If you’d like to hear from me on other platforms, please follow me on:

IG TheCrankyCoach

FB TheCrankyCoach

You have the option to work with me, via Skype or in person, please contact me to do so.

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