Detox from overthinking

Have you been thinking way too much lately?

Do you feel like you need an escape from your mind?

Do you want to shout “SHUT UP!” in hopes that the ruminating thoughts will abide?!

Then you need My Spontaneous Detox Log, this log is designed to identify the thoughts that are creating an unhealthy cycle. A cycle that keeps you a prisoner of your mind unless, you take your power back!

  1. Start by printing the Detox Log.
  2. Fill in the blanks to identify the process
  3. Review your notes, look for a pattern in the thoughts that motivate the way you behave
  4. See if you can attempt to change your behavior by addressing what you believe, for a different outcome
  5. If at first you don’t succeed (in creating the outcome you want) try again!

Now let’s think of (3) events that are stuck in your head from the last 24 hours!


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