3 Steps to Detox & Reduce Stress Immediately

3 Steps to Detox & Reduce Stress Immediately

when your soul’s crying out for a cure for the human condition

Have you recently had an argument with someone important in your life? Did that conversation have a debilitating effect on you? Do you feel jittery or tingling traveling down your spine and into your arms and legs?

Maybe you’re still in that uncomfortable state mentally but not physically.

Of course,because every time you feel a negative emotion your body, mind and soul are processing what’s happened not only in the last few moments of this argument, but over the last 30 years!

No detox sold on Amazon, or DIY video on YouTube can break through that grease!

You need a HOLISTIC DETOX, boo. There’s no over-the-counter option for this clean up.

Let’s dissect the notion of Detoxing.

To detox, to rid of unhealthy substances. A substance is defined as a particular kind of matter, which interestingly enough excludes the mind and the soul (because physics said so, seriously, they did.)  However, being the diehard Holistic Fan Girl that I am, I will contest and argue that both mind and soul have matter (maybe in another dimension, but it matters)

Seriously, though. Our thoughts, emotions and memories can be just as toxic and unhealthy as my Cuban Coffee.

Or not, depending on how happy it makes me.

If the thoughts, emotions and memories that arise are unhealthy and create a negative response within you…Ding, ding, ding! You’re correct: It’s toxic!

So no matter how many vegan patties you scarf down girl, you ain’t doing sh*t if you’re still carrying emotional baggage from last week, much less the 90’s.



Thank you, Momma Badu

Trust me, breathe, and it gets better.

And if, you just can’t shake the sense that something else is just, not right… then, just try these 3 steps.

Warning: This is a skill set that takes an intentional cultivation of certain mental habits. Not an easy fix!

3 Steps to Detox

when your soul’s crying out for a cure for the human condition

  1. Accept what is
  2. Stop Striving
  3. Let Go

Wash, rinse and repeat.

To ACCEPT, does not mean to agree or approve. It means that I recognize that this is HERE.

To recognize that something is present is to offer it its space, respect its boundaries and to understand that it does not define us.

To STOP STRIVING, doesn’t mean I’m content, that I’ve given up on growing. It means that no matter what efforts I put forward right NOW, I cannot make this something that it is not.

I can only learn, grown and change in this moment. The only thing I can truly change, is me, and that takes time, right?

To LET GO, doesn’t mean that I ignore or forgive. To let go means I release it, to cease to employ!

You are Firrrrrreeeeeddddd, b*tch! You no longer have to write this “disgruntled employee” a pay check. Hit ‘em where it hurts!

As I mentioned in my Warning, this is not an easy fix and will take practice. You will get better at Spontaneous Detoxification, as I’m coining it as of this moment.

Accept, don’t strive and let go!

This may apply to a ruminating thought, a pesky emotion that has arisen at the most inopportune time, or your boss and her snide *ss comments. No worries, this recipe works for all Aches and Pains!

Now, go on into the World and be amazing my little Mindful Warrior!

I’ve created a Spontaneous Detox worksheet, inspired by Mindfulness practices and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. With this worksheet you’ll get clear on those “Toxic Substances” and how they are ruining your life! Down to the thoughts that set it all in motion and how you can replace them with new ways of thinking!

[Download Worksheet]

Are you way past detoxing and going into anaphylactic shock, at this point?!

You may need to Block off a few minutes daily & practice this cycle. Choose a time when you’re most likely to be alone and uninterrupted and able to whine down and relax. You may also choose to join our Tribe, meet like-minded people with real life experiences, together we can share our colorful perspectives of what works and what doesn’t!

[Join Tribe]

Have you already got a support group, but you need one-on-one coaching to help identify your own internal resources to get through this season?

[Schedule Session]

Love light Warrior, I see you

Coach Bea

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