How well do you know yourself?

We spend so much of our precious time educating ourselves about the world around us…but, how well do we know ourselves?

Am I what do? Am I what I have? Am I the role I play?

You may play the role of son, daughter, mother, father, brother or sister. Perhaps you are the CEO of a business, or the clerk at the market. These are the hats we wear. So who, exactly is wearing the hat?

Do you recognize yourself without the hat?

This may seem like a daunting task, but who you truly are shows up in all the roles you play.

Immanuel Kant calls this the transcendental ego. You’re not the thing in the world the way there are other things in the world, you’re the thing experiencing other things-putting it all together to form a play , of sorts.

When I saw the image of the bullfight above, I thought about my life as the bullfight. I began to question what role I play? The bull? The bullfighter? Am I the crowd watching from the stadium? I identified with all three.

I then began to question my nature beyond the roles I play. What am I really made of?

Socrates challenged philosophers to Know thyself before knowing anything else.

Plato, one of the most widely know and studied philosophers wrote that “the essence of knowledge is self-knowledge”

So do you know yourself?


No need to fear. I got you!

Self-awareness is key.

Gaining a clear sense of who you are helps you develop your self, your goals and the strategies that are right for you. No matter what your purpose here is.

Self-awareness has brought me the tranquility and freedom I needed to step up and start living purposefully, in a world designed to distract you from your mission.

Here is a list of activities, with links to develop self awareness:

  1. Mindful Breath Meditation
  2. Analyze past experiences, and how you responded to them
  3. Clarify and understand your personal values
  4. Identify your interests and motivations
  5. Understand your strengths and skills
  6. Assess your personality traits and characteristics

Let me know how these resources have helped you, or if they haven’t.

If you need further help, message me, I work with clients who are ready to discover their true selves and live intentionally. Warriors in this realm, ready to take on the purpose of their placement here on Earth.

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